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Size: DN150.
Pressure Rating: PN40.
Body/Bonnet: EN 1.4308 (CF8).
Wedge: EN 1.4308.
Seat: SS 316.

Bolted bonnet (BB) design.
Full port or reduced port design.
Back seal design.
Rising stem design.
Renewable seat or welding seat.
Special Request: locking device (interlock), position indicator, limit switch.
Extended bonnet for cryogenic & underground service is available.

Design and Manufacture: DIN 3352; EN 10434.
Face to Face: DIN 3202; EN 558.
Flanged Ends: DIN 2543-2545; EN 1092.
Inspection and Test: DIN 3230; EN 12266.
Pressure and Temperature: DIN 2401.